Voiceover and Subtitling


Video voiceover is not the standard service of a translation agency, which we can nevertheless provide for our clients.

DEIR Translation Agency provides voiceover for:

– Manuals

– Presentations and Descriptions;

– Movies and Animated Films Trailers;

– Greetings

and more.

The only requirement — the original text of the video shall comply with the legislation of our country.

Today, voicover (dubbing) and subtitling are in demand in various fields: business, education, movie and television industry. Voicever can be performed in a specialized professional studio or in the office — depending on customer requirements.

Our voiceover/subtitling languages ?include:

Russian and Ukrainian;
and more.

Our standard services include:

– Audio Translation; the final file to be delivered in text format;

– Audio Translation and Voiceover; the translation to be delivered as a text file plus dubbed audio file;

– Text Recording; the audio version of your text to be delivered;

– Video subtitles translation;

and more on your request.