Business Trainings

1. Time and Performance, or Time Management

Each year, more than 250 000 people around the world undergo Time Management trainings in different languages and adapted to different cultures.

Training Objectives:

  • learn how to effectively manage own time, properly control it and clearly define own tasks and priorities, set goals and achieve them;
  • learn how to maintain a high level of motivation and self-efficiency;
  • learn how to implement own ideas;
  • understand the principles of creation of any project.


2. Marketing Manager

Some people believe that marketing is limited to promotions and advertising. Our training will give a broader look at marketing concept.

Training Objectives:

  • understand an expanded marketing concept;
  • learn how to create and justify annual marketing plan.

3. Merchandising: Manufacturer — Distributor — Outlet

Training Objectives:

  • systematization and expansion of knowledge and skills in the field of merchandising and related fields, as well as in sales, negotiation, and cooperation within the chain: manufacturer – distributor – retailer;
  • motivation to increase the performance and practical application of the knowledge gained.

The participants will learn clear behavior algorithm in the outlet, acquire the ability to analyze the display of goods, recommend and make own grounded decisions regarding necessary changes, conduct successful merchandising negotiations with representatives of the chain: manufacturer — distributor — retailer.


4.System Approach to Sales

Audience: Sales Managers, Client Managers, Sales Representatives

Training Objectives:

  • learn to structural thinking and sales planning;
  • master new customers attraction techniques;
  • acquire skills of effective communication to achieve a positive outcome in the negotiations with customers;
  • obtain necessary skills to conduct aggressive negotiations;
  • improve employees’ motivation to achieve the company’s goals.