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DEIR Translation Agency works closely with freelance linguists and conducts regular training sessions. Translation industry is very dynamic, and not always one can keep up with all the changes. In order to help our translators develop and keep abreast of all useful information, we decided to publish such information in a separate section of our site.



To begin with, we will discuss transliteration rules applied for proper names.

Transliteration is the method of representing letters or words of one alphabet in the characters of another alphabet or script.

In our case, the transliteration is necessary for representation of the Russian text using the Latin alphabet. Transliteration rules are established by relevant regulations.

For transliteration rules applied in Ukraine, see here:

For transliteration rules applied in Russia, see here:


Dictionaries and Vocabularies

Due to huge number of subjects in the translation field, endless development of online resources, and other aspects, it is not always possible to find a necessary term despite hundreds of available dictionaries and vocabularies. We will notify you of all new and useful dictionaries we find.



Advertising and marketing terms dictionary:

English abbreviations and acronyms:

English words, technical terms, and automotive expressions:

Specialized dictionaries:

  • Specialized English-Russian Dragunkin dictionary. English words are transcribed using Russian letters. File format: Download dictionary 
  • English-Russian mathematical dictionary. File format: Download  
  • Russian-English applied mathematics and mechanics dictionary. Author: Arushanyan. File format: pdf. Download 
  • Russian-English interjections dictionary. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download
  • English-Russian genetic terms dictionary. File format: Download 
  • Oxford English dictionary. File format: Download 
  • A renowned machine translator, PROMT (Promt 8.5). File size: 1.04 GB. Download 
  • Akzhigitov, Great English-Russian medical dictionary. File format: pdf. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Mamulyan, S. Kashkin, English-Russian law dictionary. English-Russian Comprehensive Law Dictionary. 35 thou. words. File format: pdf. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Gorskaya, English-Russian and Russian-English geographical names dictionary. 6 thou. geographical names. File format: djvu. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Ermolenko, English-Ukrainian business dictionary. 12.5 thou. terms. File format: djvu. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • English-Russian mining dictionary. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Concise illustrated English-Russian architectural dictionary. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Tsimmerman, Russian-English scientific and technical dictionary. File format: pdf. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Adamchik, English-Russian dictionary (100,000 words). File format: djvu. Size: 44 MB. Download
  • Rybakin, English personal names dictionary. 4,000 English personal names and their derivatives used in the UK, US, and other English-speaking countries. File format: djvu. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Shitova, T. Bruskin, English-Russian idioms and phrasal verbs dictionary. File format: pdf. Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Computer hardware dictionary. The dictionary contains English terms, their Russian equivalents and interpretation, illustrations, common abbreviations, and even examples of traditional American pronunciation. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download 

 Multilingual Dictionaries and Machine Translators

  • Large dictionary with illustrations. Russian, English, German, French, Spanish. File format: Size: 80 MB. Download
  • Russian-English-French-Italian illustrated dictionary. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download
  • English-Portuguese technical dictionary. File format: Size: 1,056 Kb. Download 
  • International electrotechnical dictionary. Languages: English, Russian, German, French, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download 



  • German grammar in tables, charts, and illustrations. File format: djvu. Download
  • New German spelling rules introduced in 1998. File format: Download 
  • German-Russian military abbreviations dictionary. File format: Download dictionary 
  • Speech etiquette guidelines. Russian-German matches. File format: Download 
  • Modern German-Russian and Russian-German dictionary. File format: Size: 44 MB. Download 
  • Tsvilling, Russian-German proverbs and sayings dictionary. File format: pdf. Size: 44 MB. Download 


Other Useful Resources for Translators

Translation Journal, an electronic magazine of translation into English.

A selection of useful articles in English from Translation Directory website.

Multilingual UN terminology database.

Slovotolk, searchable catalog of specialized glossaries.

Multitran, start your terms search here!:)

Mozgorilla, open translation industry blog.

Acronym Finder, all English abbreviations.

The Free Dictionary, a large English dictionary and thesaurus. Interpretation, the pronunciation, etymology, synonyms, antonyms, and related words; encyclopedia, abbreviations, and sectoral areas.

British National Corpus, 100 mln words of modern English. Strict and fuzzy words and phrases search in various contexts, sorting by frequency


Relevant Abbreviations in Correspondence

10Q – thank you (спасибо)
143 – I love you (я тебя люблю)
A3 – Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (в любом месте, где угодно, когда угодно)
ADR – Address (адрес)
AEAP – As Early As Possible (как можно раньше)
AFK – Away From Keyboard (отошел от компьютера)
ASAP – As Soon As Possible (как можно скорее)
Aight – All right (все в порядке)
AITR – Adult In The Room (взрослый в комнате)
ALAP – As Late As Possible (как можно позже)
ALTG – Act Locally, Think Globally (действуй локально, мысли глобально)
ASL – Age/Sex/Location (возраст / пол / место жительства)
B&F – Back and Forth (назад и вперед)

b – be
B/C – Because (потому что)
B4 – Before (до)
B4N – Bye For Now (пока)
B4U – Before You (после тебя)
BI5 – Back In Five (вернусь через 5 минут)
BON – Believe it Or Not (верь или нет)

bout – about
BRB – Be Right Back (сейчас вернусь)
BRT – Be Right There (буду рядом)
BZ – Busy (занят)

c – see
CD9 – Code 9 – it means parents are around (код 9 – означает, что рядом родители)
CT – Can’t Talk (не могу говорить)
CTA – Call To Action (призыв к действию)
CTO – Check This Out (проверь это)
CUL8R – See You Later (увидимся позже)
CY – Calm Yourself (успокойся)
CYE – Check your Email (проверь почту)
CYL – See You Later (увидимся позже)
CYM – Check Your Mail (проверь почту)
CYO – See You Online (увидимся в онлайне)
CYT – See You Tomorrow (увидимся завтра)

da – the

dey – they
D&M – Deep & Meaningful (серьезное и значимое)
d/c – Disconnected (отсоединен)
FTF – Face to face (“лицом к лицу” – личная встреча)
G2B – Going to bed (собираюсь спать)
G2G – Got to go (надо идти)
GBH – Great big hug (огромное большое объятие)
GBY – God bless you (Будьте здоровы)
GL – Good luck (удачи)

gr8 – great

g2g – gotta go
H&K – Hug and kiss (обнимаю и целую)
HAND – Have a nice day (хорошего дня)
HOAS – Hold on a second (продержись секунду)

idk – I don’t know
J/K – Just kidding (шучу)
l8er – later
LOL – Laughing out loud (вслух смеясь)
OIC – Oh, I see (я понимаю)

ova – over
P@H or PAH – Parents at home (родители дома)
PAL – Parents Are Listening (родители слушают)
PAW – Parents are watching (родители смотрят)
PLZ – Please (пожалуйста)

r – are

rite – right
SRY – Sorry (извини)
SYS – See you soon (до скорой встречи)

ttyl – talk to you latter

u – you
W8AM – Wait a minute (подожди минуту)
WAY or WAU – What about you (как на счет тебя)
WBS – Write back soon (отвечу скоро)
WB – Welcome back (добро пожаловать обратно, с прибытием)

wht – what
WP – Wrong person (не тот человек)
WTF – What The F*** (какого черта)
WU – What’s up? (что случилось?)
YL – Young lady (юная леди)

y’all – you all
=w= – Whatever (любой, какой-либо)
*G* – Giggle or grin (хихикать или улыбаться)
*H* – Hug (обнимаю)
*K* – Kiss (целую)
*S* – Smile (улыбаюсь)
*T* – Tickle (щекочу)
*W* – Wink (подмигиваю)