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Why Choose Us


Consistently high quality is the key principle behind our work. We make sure our employees and contractors strictly meet all our regulations and standards. We take pride in this approach and in our results. By complying with all our customers’ style and terminology requirements and working with highly skilled experts, we are able to deliver top-quality translations and meet our clients’ deadlines.

Customer-Friendly Experience

You do not need to leave your office to place an order or receive your translation once it’s ready. Available payment options include bank and online transfer, cash on delivery, and more.

Team of Professionals

Our team includes experienced translators with specialist backgrounds. We carefully pre-select our translators to ensure that all our work is done to a high professional standard. We assign translation jobs strictly based on each translator’s experience and area of specialization.


We guarantee that all customer documents are kept absolutely safe and confidential.


We offer professional translation at affordable prices. Regardless of a project’s word count and difficulty level, our customers are guaranteed to receive top-quality work, convenient and friendly service, and transparent pricing.


By offering high-quality translation over a number of years, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and assistant. Our agency is trusted by many well-known companies – click here to read their feedback.

Express Delivery

At your request, we can deliver documents straight to your office or send them to anywhere in Ukraine or abroad using any delivery service. Placing an order with our agency means you not only get guaranteed professional translation and quality service, but you also save your precious time.

Online Orders and Payment

Is high-quality online translation even possible these days? The answer is yes. Place your order online with our agency: it is a quick and easy way to get your translation done and save time.

Wide Range of Services

Document translation is just one of the many services on our list. We also provide desktop publishing (DTP), notarized and apostilled translations, voiceover, subtitling, and professional training.

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    Iryna, S. GROUP

    Nice to work with. High-quality technical translations, timely delivery, tailored approach. It is so nice to work with professionals, always willing to help, clarify, and


    I have been DEIR partner for over 5 years. During this period, I worked for different employers but always partnered with DEIR. Always high-quality translation

    Andriy, Agro System Group

    DEIR Translation Agency has translated highly specialized agriculture-related content for us. Translation quality and lead time made us long-term partners!

    Viktoria, Maisadour Semences Ukraine LLC

    We have been working with DEIR for many years. All jobs are delivered quickly, and, more importantly, with the highest quality.

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      Completed in 2018:
      1,800 jobs

      We have over
      1,500 customers

      We have translated over
      20,000 pages

      Document and Content Translation

      It is safe to say that you are unlikely to find a single person today who has never requested professional translation services. After all, high-quality translation is essential when your documents are sent to overseas companies, published online, or submitted to foreign embassies where they are meticulously scrutinized.

      So when exactly one needs documents translation? Obviously, attempting to list all possible situations requiring translation services would be futile. Nevertheless, we will try and name some of the most common scenarios:


      -signing contracts with foreign partners;

      -importing goods or equipment from abroad;

      -website localization;

      -mobile app and game development;


      -studying abroad;

      -health examination in a foreign clinic;

      -creating printed materials in a foreign language;


      DEIR has been in the translation business since 2007, and over these years our staff have come across hundreds of new situations requiring translation services.

      Our Services

      Our translation agency is committed to providing high-quality service.


      We translate:

      -business documents;


      -social network and web content;

      -mobile apps;


      -legal documents;

      -documents required for visa applications and other embassy-related issues;

      -technical content;

      -personal documents;

      -medical content;

      -and many other types of documents.


      Translation Services:


      -urgent translation;

      -notarized translation;

      -website, software, and mobile platform localization;

      -and many others.


      We know that each customer needs a well-translated document to do a certain job or solve a particular problem, which is why our translators treat their duties with maximum responsibility.

      With years of experience under our belt, we at DEIR Translation Agency have pretty-much learned to read our customers’ minds to get a comprehensive idea of the task at hand and provide all-round assistance in translating a wide range of document and content types.

      DEIR is not a specialized agency, which is why we are happy to translate all kinds of documents. Our customers trust our expertise with some of the toughest technical, legal, medical, sports, and other content.

      If you need truly high-quality translation and want to be sure that your documents are crystal clear to your target audience, our professional translators are here to help. We also offer high-quality localization services for websites, games, software, and mobile platforms.

      Looking for top-quality translation? Need your document translated from English, German, French, etc.? Thinking of hiring a qualified translator? Need high-quality website, game, software or mobile platform localization? Then you are in the right place!

      Our translation agency has experienced and friendly managers who will listen to you and accept your order as soon as practically possible. Our highly qualified translators and editors will promptly translate and edit documents of any difficulty level or provide notarized translation. We can also help apostille or legalize your documents, localize your website or software, and more.

      For us, the customer is king, which is why we use the most advanced technologies to translate your documents and offer the most convenient ways to place an order and make a payment.

      Ordering your translation at DEIR Translation Agency will give you peace of mind regarding quality and guarantee that your translated document does not require any revision, your travel application will not be rejected due to poor translation, and your experts can thoroughly understand how to operate new equipment.