Written Translation


High-Quality Translation

Every day, we read various texts: from fiction to device manuals and business documents. And it never occurs to us that so much of this content was previously handled by experts in written translation, which is currently the most demanded type.

Written Translation Must Be Literate

Creating high-quality written translation with good grammar and style is not as easy as it seems at first glance. This is why this job can only be assigned to a professional. We do not recommend contracting agencies or freelancers if you are not sure of their skills because you cannot expect anything other than a mediocre translation from an amateur. Besides language skills, it is important that the translator is an expert in the relevant subject. Our agency boasts a team of professional translators specializing in a variety of subject areas.

Written Translation 101

Rule number one is, the translator must fully understand the subject matter of the source text and be an expert in the respective field. This is a very important requirement, and fiction may be the only exception. Finding a highly professional translator with good understanding of a given subject is difficult, but not impossible. Our translation agency proves this daily. So do get in touch and save your time, money, and nerve cells. We employ linguists with a background in economics, law, engineering, medicine, and other subjects. This is why whatever your document is about, we will do a top-notch job translating it from a foreign language!

Top Quality and Excellent Service, Guaranteed

Our translators do their job very thoroughly. The translation process typically involves several stages. First, one of our translators creates the first translation draft (subject to deadline and word count). Then comes the second stage: editing. As a rule, editing is done by a native speaker. Once the editor has made the necessary changes, the translation is submitted to the customer. Please note that the cost of a translation depends on a number of factors, such as language pair, subject, difficulty level, word count and, last but not least, the deadline.

We Have Only Professionals On Board

High quality translation requires something other than knowledge and skills: creative thinking. After all, written translation is all about striking a fine balance between adapting the text for the target audience and not distorting its meaning. It is important to understand that a translator’s job is not just translating words and phrases, but also taking into account how the same ideas are expressed in different languages. The thing is to ensure that the translated text sounds natural and makes sense to a native speaker, which is why unusual, alien words and phrases must be changed, adapted, or replaced with existing analogues or synonyms. Our translation agency guarantees literate and high-quality translation.

Also, when working on complex technical or legal documents, we usually contract several experts so as to provide an excellent translation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Legal Translation

Modern business is inseparably integrated into an international commercial, economic,  scientific, and technological environment. Many businesses working in a variety of fields regularly need to negotiate with foreign partners, read technical documents, or sign cross-border agreements.

Predictably, entering new markets and building strong partnerships with foreign companies is impossible without a thorough understanding of the information contained in official documents. This is why in this day and age, legal translation is relevant like never before.

Interestingly, legal translation is the broadest, most all-embracing field in today’s translation industry. Legal support is often required for transactions and operations in manufacturing, healthcare, services, and other industries where only well-translated information can ensure a smooth workflow.

Legal content is characterized by the frequent use of set expressions and legal terms, wordings, definitions, and clich?s. Given that the legal framework is constantly changing both globally and in individual countries, legal translation must be performed by practicing translators who keep up-to-date with legal vernacular and are thoroughly familiar with the nuances of working in various fields.

Our experts are able to professionally translate official documents and business or personal correspondence, as well as civil, labor, and other types of legislation. We are also here to translate lawsuit, notarial, and other documents.

The list of legal documents we can translate includes:

  • company charters, minutes of shareholder meetings, registration certificates, etc.;
  • powers of attorney, notarized copies, affidavits, apostilles;
  • science articles and specialist literature;
  • laws, codes, and other regulations.

To sum up, the key to successful legal translation of any kind is rigorous logical thinking, knowledge, and experience.

Did you know we also notarize documents?

Technical Translation of Any Difficulty Level

It is well known that translating fiction and translating technical content are chalk and cheese. While fiction gives you the creative license to tweak a phrase and make it sound better, technical translation requires precision, attention to detail, and, most importantly, good knowledge of the subject.

Today, not every translator will agree to translate specialized technical documents since such work requires a good deal of in-depth professional knowledge. We at DEIR have a whole team of professional technical translators ready to translate any of the following documents whenever required:

  • guidelines;
  • certificates of conformity;
  • operation manuals;
  • scientific and technical studies and other engineering documents.

We go that extra mile and do more than just deliver high-quality translations. Our technical translators also scrupulously translate all the components of your documents, such as:

  • graphs;
  • charts;
  • diagrams;
  • figures, etc.,

so that you get a ready-to-go fully localized document.

Once your technical documents have been translated, we can certify them with our agency’s stamp or have them notarized as appropriate. When placing your order, be sure to let us know whether you need a notarized translation so that we can contract the right translators.

Our agency offers a whole range of services related to technical translation covering a wide variety of subjects. You can always rely on us to provide top-quality translation and have your document notarized, if necessary.

When crafting our translations, we make sure you can easily follow complex technical documentation, or provide the same to your foreign partners. This is why DEIR is the place to go to find a highly qualified technical translator and have your document translated at an affordable price.

Medical Translation

Although medical translation makes up a relatively small percentage of our work, we recognize that this is a highly sensitive field. When translating medical documents, our experts assume a big responsibility as any error may cause damage to human health.

Medical translation may be required for the following types of content:

  • drug test results, clinical data, and pharmaceutical documentation (translated either from or into a foreign language). In the Ukraine, medical documents must be translated to register or certify a drug;
  • guidelines or manuals for imported medical equipment;
  • medical reports, test results, conference reports, and doctor’s opinions;
  • scientific and medical articles, publications, and science literature required for research projects and dissertations, qualification upgrades, specialist course preparation, etc.;
  • business correspondence between medical personnel, consultations with experts working in healthcare, pharmaceutical, biological, and chemical research institutions.

Medical translation is considered to be very highly specialized, which is why even translators with a rich vocabulary may find it hard to properly convey the intended meaning. Because the timely and accurate interpretation of source data is often vital for the health and safety of individuals and even large groups of people (e.g., it may concern vaccine or medicine development or equipment installation), it is crucial to ensure that medical documents are translated to a high standard.

For this reason, medical translations from English or any other language can only be assigned to specialists with adequate translation experience and a background in healthcare.

When working with medical translations, we only contract translators with sufficient expertise and relevant experience so that our agency can guarantee high quality service at every stage of the project.

By offering a flexible discount system and a personalized approach to each customer, we provide favorable conditions for long-term cooperation on a regular basis.

Our Expertise For Your Quality Translated Personal Documents

 Translation agencies are extremely popular these days because their services are very much in demand. Perhaps one of the most requested services is the translation of personal documents, such as:

  • IDs;
  • birth, marriage, and divorce certificates;
  • diplomas;
  • driving licenses,
  • and more.

Our experienced and qualified translators will translate any personal documents from Ukrainian, English, German, and other languages into Russian. Perhaps you need your documents translated to apply for a visa or to request some other embassy service? We will make every effort to get your personal documents translated to a high standard and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Another great thing about our agency is our competitive prices. By strictly categorizing documents, we are able to differentiate between templates and full-scale documents and offer appropriate pricing.

Be sure to do some homework before submitting your documents for translation

If you need high-quality translation of your personal documents, you will have to do some preparation before visiting our office. To ensure that all your documents are accepted by the relevant authorities and to avoid having them returned for refining or having your visa or some other application turned down, please carefully read the following guidelines:

  • Find out which language your personal documents must be translated into.
  • Find out whether you need to have your translation notarized or whether a translation agency’s stamp will be sufficient (please note that requirements vary depending on the authorities involved).
  • Bring copies of existing documents containing your full name in the target language to avoid any spelling errors.

Following the above guidelines will save you extra hassle and allow us to do our job properly.