Dutch is a mother tongue of more than 16 million people living in the Netherlands. In Namibia and South Africa, Afrikaans is widely used, which was considered a dialect of Dutch until 1925. Over 5 million people in the north-west of France and Belgium are fluent in Flemish, which is also a dialect of Dutch and recognized as a separate language. It is worth noting that in Suriname and Indonesia, there are Creole languages, where many elements of Dutch can be found. Due to said circumstances, translation into Dutch always causes many disputes and difficulties.

In modern Dutch, adjectives are not declined. Verbs have 6 complex and 2 simple tenses, 3 moods (subjunctive, indicative and imperative), and 2 voices (passive and active). Verb types include weak, strong, and irregular verbs. That is why text translation into Dutch is so complicated. If you want to translate your website into Dutch, you will need a truly experienced linguist.