What is “native speaker translation” about?

Q: What is “native speaker translation” about? What is the purpose?

A: Most of our translators are native Russian or Ukrainian speakers. Only a native speaker can accurately convey all the nuances and shades of meaning of a text being translated as well as its stylistic features. Native translation ensures the most accurate target-language text in terms of style. If you need to translate a technical document, contract, medical certificate, or other document that requires exact wording, even non-native speaker can handle such job. For example, Russian-speaking translator can ensure high-quality translation of a contract into English. But when stylistic nuances are important, it is only a native speaker who can reflect every single one of them. Therefore, it makes sense to contract target language native speakers for translation of materials and texts intended for a wide audience (websites, promotional brochures, press releases, publications, advertisement products, etc.). English, German, French, and other language native speakers who we do business with are the translators from Russian/Ukrainian in their country of residence. All said translators have professional knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian and can fully understand the meaning of the original text and correctly translate it into their native language.